Coding Coaching

Teach students programming on a flexible schedule (one-on-one). And you can have a big impact with just 1.5 hours per week.

Other devs are doing it, such as

Designed for busy developers

We've customized your coaching experience to fit your needs given your busy schedule.

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Super flexible

Commit only the time you have. As little as 1.5 hours per week you can help change someone’s life and strengthen the local tech ecosystem.

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Scout developers with good potential

By coaching our students, you will get to meet future developers, see how they work and get to know them way better than in a 3 month probation period.

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Choose what you teach

We choose the tech stack, you choose what you want to teach from it.

Coaching Structure

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Weekly code review session

You review their code, provide feedback, and assign them tasks to complete for the next session.

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Answer questions

Between code review sessions, some students can get stuck in a challenging technical issue. In that case, they will message you to ask for your assistance.

Watch their success

What a wonderful feeling it is to witness a student you've coached transform their life and become a software developer. Come see how it feels.

Are you ready to help a student change their life?

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You stay in control

We know you are busy. So we let you dictate how much time you want to spend coaching. Each student is ~1.5 hours per week.

Get paid

You get $60 per each code review session.

All Online

We use Zoom to do all of our code review sessions.

Let's start your path as a coach!

Within 24 hours, we will get in touch with you and set up an introduction chat so that we can ask any questions you may have and determine whether you are still interested in becoming a coach.

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