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Our Talent Newsletter lets you know when we have students who are ready to be hired, and lets you know about their performance in our program.

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Our students are great

The best junior developers you can find, trust us.

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Real Experience

When creating their projects, our students start from scratch and upload them to GitHub. They also receive code reviews on a weekly basis.

They love PEI

All of our students currently reside here in PEI and intend to do so in the future. Because of this, they will undoubtedly support your plans for employee retention.

Real Reviews

Feedback has been given by each software developer who has collaborated with a student we consider "hirable."

Not their first job

The majority of our students have professional experience, frequently in the scientific, hospitality, or engineering fields. They bring a range of social and academic abilities.

Familiar with your stack

Our students are most at ease using what is likely your stack, because we keep track of whats most in-demand, locally.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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What do the students learn during the Get Coding program?

Right now, we are teaching HTML, CSS, JS, React, Python, MySQL, AWS, Automated Testing, DevOps.

How do I connect with the students?

All of the necessary information is in the Talent Newsletter, such as their LinkedIn or email.

Are there internships or co-ops availible?

Are students are ready to be hired as junior developers because they have been using modern technologies for nearly a year. But you can always explore other options of getting them into your company with them.

Where can I see your past students?

How do the reviews work?

All of our coaches work for reputable tech companies are they are not employees of Get Coding.

Coaches write a review once the student is finished with their module.

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