From Autobody Industry to UI/UX Design Lead and Front End Developer

From Autobody Industry to UI/UX Design Lead and Front End Developer


What did you do before Get Coding? 

My name is Eric Cahill, and before Get Coding I worked in the Autobody industry and now I’m the UI/UX Design Lead and Front End Developer at PragmaClin.

What made you decide to switch your career?

In 2020, I was laid off like the rest of the world, and in my free time I started this small graphic arts business, which eventually led me to pursue a career in tech.

Did you ever think of becoming a software developer?

I hadn't previously planned on becoming a software developer, but as I learned about front end development, I found out there's a very visual and creative process that appealed to me, so that's what I focused on throughout the program.

Why did you choose Get Coding?

I didn't want to go back to school full time, so then I found out about Get Coding. It was great because the program is tailored to your own goals and work around your own schedule.

What did you build during Get Coding?

After learning how to build a simple static website, I moved on to my old projects, one of which was a web app that would let me display different wheels on a picture of my car and filter them by different brands of wheels, colors and spokes. After that, I moved on to a React web app where I could search for different recipes based on ingredients and display them in a list and see the details about how to cook them.

What are you doing now?

I now work at PragmaClin as a UI/UX Design lead as well as front end developer. So I designed the UI for our prims software and I also worked on developing the front end with React.

What would you say to people considering switching their career to tech?

I think working in tech is great because it's a very forward-thinking industry. You get to work in some great work cultures. You're also kept on your toes a lot because you're always learning new technologies and techniques, and you're always advancing your skill set.

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