Nova Scotia

Software Development
Coaching Program

Build real life projects using most in-demand technologies while being taught one-on-one by local software developers.

Program Structure

a visualization of a student building a real life software development project

Pick a project

Have you ever wanted to build and app? Or wished there was a tool to help you with a tedious task?  Great! You have a real life project to build.

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Meet your coach

In your once a week, one-on-one, the coach helps you break down the project into smaller tasks and gives feedback on the code you've already written.

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Between sessions, you try to complete as many  tasks as possible. You can always turn to them for help if you get stuck.

How it works

Forget everything you know about training. We have developed a unique and highly effective way to get people to code.

  • We match you with a Nova Scotia based software developers who will meet with you weekly.
  • They teach you how to create real-world software applications.
  • No exams, no classes. Just learn how to code from real developers.
Phase I

Fundamentals of Web Development

  • Basics of Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Best practices and tools (Git, Github, VS Code)
  • Complete 1 real-world project


2 months (Full-time)
3 months (Part-time)
Phase II

Full Stack Development

  • Front-end, back-end, automated testing and CI/CD pipelines
  • Build multiple real-world projects
  • Start contributing to real projects outside Get Coding


5 months (Full-time)
9 months (Part-time)

Job Search

  • Multiple career coaching sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Career search guidance and support


Average 2 months

Our difference

We know there are many possibilities of how to become a software developer, so here's a comparison with Get Coding.



Success Management

Commitment per week


Technologies & Content



Get Coding

or College

Online Courses

max. 12 months




Local tech ecosystem

Not enforced







Scientific/Academic and generally not in demand

Anyone on the internet

Software Developers

In class or Online

Unlimited Choices

Based on our 2023 industry survey


$6,000 if you get a job

12 months+



Free or cheap

What will your learn?

After completing the program, you will become a Full-stack Developer with confidence in your job search and understanding of the tech industry.

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In demand technical skills in NS

The currently are HTML, CSS, JS, React JS, Python, MySQL, AWS. You can have a look at our report here.

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Personal brand and culture

Programming isn't all you need to get a job as a software developer. We can help you with everything you will need to find a job.

Want to see the full info about our program?

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So many possibilities after the program

Flexible Payment Options

We are on a mission to create the most effective and accessible education out there, so we have created a number of options of paying for the program. All of these options get you:

  • Flexible time commitment
  • One-on-one coding coaching with actual software developers
  • Build projects with most in demand technologies
  • One-on-one career coaching
  • Access to Get Coding events
  • Lifetime access to our support community of students, coaches and graduates

Fair Price

While in the program:

$480/4 weeks

If you get a job:


So you pay $480 every 4 weeks while you are in the program, and only if you get a tech job you pay $6,000.

Ready to start your tech journey?


Frequently Asked Questions.

Can't find what you are looking for? Try these FAQs or send us a message here.

What am I paying for?

You are paying for the coaching sessions with a software developer who will provide feedback and guidance on your journey to become a software developer yourself, as well as Get Coding to keep track of the local trends and career guidance.

How do I get into Phase II?

Just because you're admitted to join Phase I of the program doesn't mean you'll definitely be invited to join the Phase II. After the Phase I, the Get Coding team will review your experience and performance. If you enjoy the structure of Get Coding, and we are satisfied with your performance, you will be given admission into Phase II.

How long does the program last?

It takes between 6 - 12 months, depending on how quickly you learn, how much time you spend coding each week, and what projects you come up with.

Are there any technical prerequisites? 

Not really. We look for general technical aptitude and commitment to switching your career.

Does everyone get into the program?

We reserve the right to refuse entry to our program to anyone. You may not get into the program if you are not fully committed to switching your career, or have shown poor technical aptitude.

What are your admission criteria? 

We look for people who are genuinely committed to switching careers and becoming software developers. Plus, it's good to have a good grasp of the local and global tech scenes. We'll put your commitment to the test through our Admission Project and evaluate your answers during the laid-back Admission Interview.

What is the time commitment? 

You need to have a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week to code in order to see tangible results. However, you have the flexibility to pause or discontinue your journey at any time, as there is no long-term commitment required.

Is there a certificate or diploma on the end of the program?

We don't value certificates as an accurate measure of technical skills, and we encourage you not to rely on them either. Instead, our emphasis is on helping you build an impressive portfolio of real-life projects that will truly impress others.

Do you have another question?

Send us a message here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What if I need or want to withdraw from the program?

You can stop at any time.

There are couple things to note. Once you stop, your spot in the program will not be reserved and we do not provide refunds.