Press Kit

Company Profile

Get Coding is on a mission to create world's most accessible and effective technical education. Get Coding helps people prepare for the jobs of the future by creating radically different training programs that allow anyone to switch their careers. Get Coding was founded in 2017, and it launched its Coaching Program in 2020. Get Coding currently offers one program, Software Development Coaching Program.

Program Overview

Get Coding's Software Development Coaching Program is a 9-12 month training designed to equip individuals with the skills to become Full Stack Developers and learn the most in-demand technologies. To understand the most in-demand technologies in a given region, we conduct an annual tech stack survey. Our unique program structure allows students to start coding from day one, regardless of their initial knowledge. We assign each student a dedicated coach who guides them in choosing and building their desired projects. Through one-hour weekly sessions, students receive personalized guidance and feedback from their coaches. This hands-on approach replicates the software development experience in a tech company and produces highly skilled graduates who are sought-after hires. We adopt a localized approach throughout the program, connecting students with local software developers who serve as coaches. This connection not only provides insights into the local tech sector but also facilitates networking opportunities. Furthermore, our program offers the flexibility to participate without quitting one's job, ensuring a healthy work-study-life balance for students.

Founder Bios

Jan Mertlik is the CEO & Co-Founder of Get Coding.

Jan arrived in Newfoundland & Labrador to study Computer Science at MUN in 2013. While trying to start his first business, he realized that there was a gap in post-secondary education and the needs of tech companies. This realization ultimately led him to start Get Coding in 2017. He was named Atlantic Business Magazine's "30 under 30" in 2020.

Sahand Seifi is the CTO & Co-Founder of Get Coding.

Sahand entered Newfoundland & Labrador as an international student in 2012. Since graduation, he has co-founded 3 successful technology companies: HeyOrca, Get Coding and NotificationAPI. Throughout this time, he has been passionate about giving back to the community by educating people on tech and entrepreneurship.